Kalahari Conservation Society


Kalahari Conservation Society P.O Box 859, Gaborone Botswana Plot 398, Extension 4, Off Independence Avenue, Kgasa Close - opposite Lesedi Community Hall Gaborone

tel: +267 3974557

fax: +267 3914259

email: publicrelations@kcs.org.bw



The word “Kalahari” is derived from the “Tswana” word Kgalagadi meaning the great thirst. The Kalahari is one of the world’s most extensive mantles of sand that covers the hollow basin of Botswana and forms the flat plain that covers 70% of the country.
The Kalahari Conservation Society is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in 1982. The Society was formed in recognition of the pressures on Botswana’s wildlife and the general environment.

KCS is the oldest environmental NGO in Botswana and has been effective in undertaking its lobbying activities through advocacy and assisting Government in policy making as well as collaborating with other Private Sector, NGOs and Government Departments to contribute to the conservation of Botswana’s environment and wildlife resources. See attached KCS profile.


KCS is governed by a Board which meets quarterly to direct policy and governance structures. Apart from the board, there are also several sub-committees which deal with several issues such as technical, environmental education and community participatory programmes. These are described in the KCS History document. KCS is manned by a team of dedicated staff who carry out the day to day administration of the Society.

The Society patronship has always been conferred to the serving Republic of Botswana President and the current Patron is His Excellency Lt. Gen. Dr. S.K.I Khama. President Khama has also served in the KCS Main Committee since 1986 until he retired in 2006.
KCS is the secretariat of the national Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) and a proud member of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
For more information on KCS please click KCS History.